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24.01.2009, 23:34
I started a new project, Sigvald the Magnificent
Up to now I have done the face and the trunk armor (it will be white, as the rest of the armor)
For the shoulderpads I am in doubt: I wanted to do them slightly different, so I started painting them in a sand color. Let's say that the left shoulderpad would be having that look at a final stage
What do you think about? would you like the different color or it should be white as well? or which other color? metallic?
Thanks for your feedback and comments


25.01.2009, 12:42

I'm painting that miniature at the moment, too. The white armour looks pretty cool, but maybe the shades could be even darker. I painted the shoulderpads in a violet NMM, but I think your version is also good and fits the rest of your mini.


27.01.2009, 21:29
Now that goes in a very nice direction... the face looks very good at the moment... to the shoulder pad i would say i miss something ...ähm, somehow... maybe you could go there bringing in a shade in a colour contrast to the hair... somehow a bit of a soft green, to make the face and hair pop out a bit more... i just mean that from a stomach feeling thinking about the whole armour like that... might get a bit too contrastless... going deeper on the armour above the middle with some more green/blues/purples maybe could get a real attraction to the face...

Keep on happy painting!

28.01.2009, 00:38
I love it so far!
But the shoulder pads lack some contrast.. maybe you should add some kind of freehand or darker shadows..
Well i dont know excatly but I am very excited about how you are going to continue this mini!


28.01.2009, 09:04
Hy there,

I agree with Jar, the miniature lack a bit of contrast, it's all a little bit too monochrome. I would choose a dark color for the shoulderpads to add a nice contrast. Maybe a purple or dark red. You also could pick up this color for the shield.
The face looks very good so far, but in general I don't like this mini. The face reminds me a bit of "Alex" from "Clockwork Orange" and I hate this guy! :D


28.01.2009, 09:57
Thanks for all these good suggestions and comments. I actually went further with painting (I'll post some picture soon..):
1) I painted the shoulderpads as bronze. I am pretty happy about the result as they are framing very well the face.
2) I highlighted a little the face giving a pale appearance, enhancing the contrast then with shoulderpads
3) I started painting the tighs' armor in white as well, and the effect is not bad at all.
4) I painted the tabard in paleblue-to-pink gradient, recalling slaanesh colors.

I am in mind to paint the internal part of the cloak in a darker color, maybe dark grey (not to add another color I mean) as this should give contrast to the white armor.
The external part of the cloak might again be in paleblue-to-pink color, but with a freehand I think, maybe the slaanesh symbol, don't know, or just a symbolic characters row...will see...Any suggestions?
Any comments to this color scheme?
thanks for the help

28.01.2009, 10:02
Really nice till now. I dunno if I like the white armour that much....looks kinda wrong, but don't ask me why...the face comes out really cool...!

28.01.2009, 11:31
Ciao Doc,

I like the face, looks very mean and chaotic. Can't wait to see more pictures.

Cu, :D

28.01.2009, 11:31
I understand your point about the armor, maybe it is not the most traditional color and it is usually given to loyal heroes or to positive characters, and this is not for sure a person you should trust...
But the customer wants it white, so I have to comply. I anyway added slaanesh symbolic colors, maybe this should balance the white choice.
Please comment again when I'll post the new pictures

29.01.2009, 14:26
Ok, here it is another WIP:



Sorry about the fact that it is not a picture but only a link, due to technical problem, this is all what I can do...comments?
Thanks as usual...

@bestienmeister: thanks for your encouragment...need a lot of this!

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