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24.08.2009, 18:21
Hi all,
I present to you my last piece.
This is the new part of the series gheenna, the 54mm fantasy Pegaso lines, scupted by Andrea Jula.
Fantastic piece, ful of caracter and details!!!

i say you nothing about the painting on it because I am preparing a long article devoted entirely to the creation of this piece (which was fun but very hard, perhaps my toughest job ever), and I'm going to translate in English soon.

A sincere thanks to Luca Marchetti and Pietro Balloni and all the Pegaso for the great honor of painting the boxart of this fantastic miniature.


hope you like!!


24.08.2009, 18:48
I have already seen it live..... really a great peace !

24.08.2009, 19:13
yeah is really looking good - but one thing i dont like very much : this glossy shining on the miniature - espasially on his leg - maybe its because of the photogrphy or its caused by oilpainting. But still great paintjob.

Greetz Count

24.08.2009, 23:03

I saw it at the Kulmbach show in the Pegaso showcase and it was one of my favourites. Really good painting on this one, great choice of colours, very good blendings and just the right amount of freehands. One of your best minis in my opinion. Thanks for sharing this beauty with us.
I still hate the friger (frog+tiger), although you painted it really well. Just leave that thing away and you get a wonderful miniature. :)

Cu, :D

25.08.2009, 15:59
Don't like the miniature, but the painting. ;)
Love the freehands (especially on the back) and the facial expression. Have to agree with count_zero, the leg really is a bit glossy but could be due to the cam or the lighting.

Great work on an ugly miniature. :lol: (The beast is one of the ugliest things I have seen in a while... :D )

25.08.2009, 17:07
The Tattoos are WOW! :D

25.08.2009, 19:15
thank you all for your kind word!! i'm happy you like my work on this miniature.
for the glossy, yes, is the shoot that capture an innatural shine, in real life is not so glossy obviously ;)