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23.10.2009, 12:34
Hi all,
I present you my last work,
this year i have no time for italian GD and i arrived at the last week with no pieces to bring with me. In the last 7 days, painting at night i decided to paint a little lord of the rings miniature.

unexpected i win the gold in this category, in front of the beautiful Eowin by Arsies.

I hope you like it.


sorry the pictures are not very good... in real life is more gray and less yellowish...i'm a bad photographer.

soon i will post some scheme about the painting and the tecnique.

I want again say thank you to Stephen Derwish, for is very kind presence at our GD, i hope you have with us a good time as we have with you! Thatnk you for all!!!

For beisteinmeister: Chris this year we are very sad because you don't come to meet your italian friends ;) i really hope see you and the other german voyager and friend (also simonM!!!) very soon, in italy, in german, in Uk??? well, somewhere!!! :D


p.s. as always sorry for my english!!!

23.10.2009, 15:17
Hey Franz :)

Nice to hear from you again in our forum.

About your Arwen: grande, amo questa versione di Arwen. Molto grande cinema :P

The face is very good and the colors are different to most Arwens.

I hope to see you soon, my friend.

Cheers, Stephano

23.10.2009, 15:29

pure perfection. Congratulation for taking home another demon!!!!

Cu, :D

23.10.2009, 15:48
Pretty! :)

23.10.2009, 17:07

Could you tell me which colours you used for the skin?

23.10.2009, 17:38
A realy nice pice of work. Congratulation for the Demon, you deserved it.


23.10.2009, 17:51

oh, I just noticed you wrote something to me.^^

Well, this year it just didn`t work. I can hardly exlain why, somehow I lost interest in warhammer miniatures. At the moment I don't have any time to paint at all, but I prefer historical stuff. I really hope I can come next year, maybe I can find a nice warhammer mini I would like to paint, we will see. Anyway, I am definitely planning to go to the world expo next time, maybe we can meet there.

Cu, :D

23.10.2009, 18:40
Wow , very impressive version of Arwen... under the top3 i've seen from her ! ....

regards ,


24.10.2009, 00:59

congrats on your Demon!


24.10.2009, 22:44

I really like how you dealt with her face. You really resculpted the Miniature with the brush giving her the features more like the actress. The additional cloth features speak for themselves.

Allora grazie per il foto.


24.10.2009, 23:49
very lovely!