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08.11.2009, 13:05
Finished this yesterday. Liche King (http://coolminiornot.com/236351) from cmon. It was definitely lots of fun to paint.


08.11.2009, 13:43

nice. :) I like the rather limited palette. It seems that you used metal pigments on the cloak which creates a nice effect.

Cool mini, I like it!


08.11.2009, 17:38
Nice Work!

You've visited Jar, haven't you? :D..

The onling thing i can say: You should set the focus to the head. :D

08.11.2009, 19:55
Well my friend... i have to say this is really cool - the best version of this model seen so far. Like it a lot - love how you created the athmosphere through warm colours, ghostly broken in between by the cold colours - freaking cool...

I love to see your strong working hand in this model, talking about the way you used your brush and the colour - seems a bit different then your latest works...

And i still messed up to send a little something... sorry at the moment but it soon will be on my schedule plan, i promise you :)

Keep on happy painting!

08.11.2009, 23:39
thanks for the comments. I'm glad you all like it. :) there were no metallics used on the cloak. Just stipple effect with an old brush.

Yes, I visited Roman, he was good inspiration to finish this one quick, otherwise I normally take longer. Actually Ben, Roman, and Georc taught me that a good looking mini can be done very quickly, so I did not take too long thinking about colours etc on this one and just painted with instinct (like Jar).

hey Roman, don't worry, take your time :)

09.11.2009, 09:33
lovin it, awesome colours and a great atmosphere. ur instinct seems to know which way to go ;) .

keep your brush moist my friend and regards to seb !

13.11.2009, 12:30
hi mate,

thats a really mint model. its quite a fresh style of painting.

i like the dots on the rocks, thats a very realistic thing. i liked it that much that i had to try it
yesterday, but mine donīt look as good as yours.

so how have you done those?


15.11.2009, 14:11
hey moses,
To paint on the lichen bits (the dots on the rocks), I used a taklon brush, as once its been used a few times it loses its point and has a curl to the tip, which is handy for dabbing on blobs of diluted paint. When I mean diluted, its maybe 50/50 with water, because you still want a fair bit of pigment. Load the brush and make sure not to squeeze excess off, and don't have too much either. Then put on blobs of the wash, they'll look like half spheres. You will want the surface to be dry when the droplet goes on, so that it sits like a half sphere. Let it sit for a few seconds (depending on the size of droplet), dry your brush in the meantime, ready to mop up the excess droplet. Then soak up the excess using the brush by touching the middle of the droplet area. You may have to soak the spot a few times. If you've waited a bit too long then you'll have to quickly dry to rub off the middle area with your brush tip. The end result is a ring stain. Same as the back on his shield. If some rings look too weak, due to having too much water, then just redo those spots once its dry enough.

Using this method I did rings of yellowish brown, then on top of those, rings of jade + white.

Let me know if it makes sense :D

16.11.2009, 14:10
hi weisern,

your explanation is great! cheers for that.
i thought that you must have done it that way, will give it another try.


16.11.2009, 16:56
ahhh now i see what you tried to achieve...lichen...

i have to admit my biologist brain didnt see lichens there. pretty cool idea though!
I just would expect a lot more of them, because the ones you have are pretty big and during the time it takes for them to grow that big there would be others able to settle and grow visibly, etc.
but just a small detail! Also I am not sure about the lichen-like pattern on the shield. looks a bit artificial/out of place.

I like the rest a lot, especially the texture on the fabric!

16.11.2009, 17:59

very nice and uncommon style. I like it a lot. Keep on :)

Cu, :D