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25.05.2010, 15:14
HI all German friends.

i show you my last work. it's a boxart for AITNA model.
the pieces is a minotaur in 54mm but very big!!!!!
the sculpt it's by my friend Carmine "Thor" Giuliano, you can see the wip here:


it's a pleasure for me paint this piece, i study a lot about dirt and texture effect... i think for this mini the best way to paint would be atmosphere and character. so i paint with a lot of grafical contrast effect, and a total HOT interpretation. (the cold colour are used only in the shadows..)

my very big pictures :P

cmon link: http://coolminiornot.com/251188

hope you like it :D
if you have any question about the painting i'm as always here to answer.

AVE Freunde!


-Matt Cexwish-
25.05.2010, 15:27
Bello, bello... Grande...:)...

Great "mystical" Atmosphere you have done... The Skin works great with all the other components...

25.05.2010, 15:32
hi matt!!!!
a lot of time we don't speak!!!
thank you so much master for your comments, i'm glad you like :P
and hope really meet you again as soon as possible.. maybe in italy...?? ;)

25.05.2010, 17:13

i really like all those different texture you have painted. brings the model to life.


25.05.2010, 18:59
Stunning atmosphere with great textured areas. Godlike metal and blood. Brilliant work and truly a masterpiece!



-Matt Cexwish-
25.05.2010, 19:29
Yes, my friend, we will meet again...:)... Really long time not seen and it makes me weep... :shock:...

Italy most likely, although this years Golden Demon (for example...) is the same day as the German... I think I will go to Germany, not sure yet though...^_^...

Are you going to the Spanish GD in Madrid on 04.07. ...?... It is my Birthday after all...:D...

25.05.2010, 19:52
... but you can come to Monte San Savino this year my friend!!!!
you have to come, MSS in 2009 was the biggest contest in europe with 1260 pieces and 40% of fantasy incredible work!

these year we have a lot of guest :D


i love if you and other german friends come!!!
think about this ok?

is the first week end of november 2010, and if you come we organize yours travel ;)

this is also for all the german friend that whant to come!! christian, simon (that i know personally) but really all of you, it's an incredible opportunity to stay together in a beautiful place with a lot of stunning miniatures :D

25.05.2010, 19:55
p.s. i can't come in spain because of work i that days... sorry... :(

26.05.2010, 08:51
Whoopy! Great work! Love the skin and the fur-texture! A real "eye-opener"! 8)
But what looks a bit strange on the model is the single blood vessel on each arm. Looks kind of unrealistic, the model would have looked better without it. ;)

26.05.2010, 12:48

every mini you paint seems to live. It is amazing, the pure ammount of details and those tiny nuances in all tones are just breathtaking. Whenever you paint a miniature, I can see you really love your hobby. Keep on my friend!!!

About Italian Games Day: I had a chat with rusto about the event. I am not sure yet, maybe I come Modena instead of Cologne. We will see.....

Cu, :D