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24.10.2010, 07:26
here is a duel i finished 2 weeks ago. It is Seb's beastlord mini, vs Tre's barbarian. Hope you like it. I tried to do the skin on the beastmen like allan c does his yellow skins but failed.

Beastmen Vs barbarian (http://coolminiornot.com/262079) duel:

WIPs of the base here:

24.10.2010, 10:15
Hi Weisern

This is a wonderful piece. I like the colours you used and how they work together.
The base is very well done too.
I couldnīt say, that you have failed with the skin colour on the beastman. Think itīs better to paint things in your one style with the idea of another paintjob, than to copy a paint job.

This all looks great . Please, show more to us.

Ohh and sorry for my terrible english :-)

24.10.2010, 10:23
hi Weisern again ^^ - too shy ?? Lol.

Thats a very nice paintjob. il ilike the idea to use two sockets .

24.10.2010, 12:24
The idea with the base coming together is really great...! cool job!

24.10.2010, 17:07
thanks everyone.

hey Thomas, thanks for your kind comments. They definitely make me feel welcome. I'll show more stuff when i get them done. your english is better than my german :D

steffen, hehe, yeah, i was shy to post this, but was encouraged by the response with the skelie diorama. since this was a better paintjob than the skelies, i thought, why not :)

28.10.2010, 03:33
Solid Job and I also like the scene. Very dynamic again. But I wonder what skin you went for (???). I checked out Allan C`s gallery at cmon and couldn`t find any yellow skin. So unfortunatly I don`t know what goal you had with the Beastman`s skin.

But as Thomas said: Paint your own visions. So you will create a special, freaky, own skin and that feels way better than to paint a succesful copy. I also did copies when I learnt painting, for to learn painting. But someday there is no need anymore for copies. Then you create the colour schemes which are copied by someone else, lol. So f... the yellow skin, yours is grey, green, yellow and it also doesn`t look bad :-)

28.10.2010, 13:03
This two bases are a wonderfull idea - very inspirering :)

28.10.2010, 14:15
well, I don't know which allan c mini specifically. just the light crisp vibrant colour of the skin he manages to do. sebastian also does this well, kinda like this http://coolminiornot.com/180127 or this http://coolminiornot.com/253321 , very light vibrant colour, but still has shading. I guess I'll try again one day on a bigger mini.

28.10.2010, 18:51
Ah I see. Yep looks cool. I guess it is either a very light and neutral basic transition covered with thin layers (filters) of very diluted paints or mixing (a small brushtip of yellow and/or green to a light basecolour like Bleached Bone, Yvory, Dark Sand or a light skintone).

The main problem with such kind of skin is the colour switch. Such blendings need a bit (lol) more work than the simple transitions (only one colour is changing from dark to light). So you can get it if you are willing to smooth out the blendings again and again and working a longer time at the transitions. It sucks, but it looks damn good.

First I tried mixing but now I think thin layers are the better way to reach the goal. Iself try to learn to paint this multicoloured shades right at the moment. So I am a beginner in this technique, but until now I could recognize a lot of different ways. So just make experiments :-)