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12.11.2010, 12:40
Ave German friends,
i'm here to show you a little project that some friends think to do 2 years ago... today we finally start to show our work.
is a miniature project in 30mm for a little game called furious tennis, that will come il 2011
Aspasia is one of the hero by the new miniature range Apeiron
all miniature will come out with two different weapon, the traditional one, for a collection use of figure, and a racket for the tennis game that we'll show soon.
this is the traditional weapon version of this miniature.

cmon link: http://www.coolminiornot.com/264098

this is a so nice sculpt by Sebastian Archer (Automaton), so thank you my friend for this great work, for me was pleasure and an honour to paint her!! i have no word for this...
here's the green of sebastian... :D

cmon link: http://www.coolminiornot.com/264094

stay tuned for the news about apeiron range, hope you like our little idea ^^

here are the apeiron CMON account were you can see the news of the range: http://www.coolminiornot.com/artist/Apeiron%20Project
hope you like my boxart of this.
comments are as always wellcome!



12.11.2010, 12:46
I don't remember to say who we are!!!

we are:

EmptyV: Alessandro Montoro
Franciuus: Francesco Farabi
Rusto: Fabrizio Russo
Docitalicus: Mario Pizzoli

with the collaboration of artist like Sebastian Archer, Raffaele Stumpo, Valentin Zak, Emanuele Giovagnoni....

thank you!!!

12.11.2010, 13:29
Looks really cool, expecially the racket :) Got a nice dio in mind, since Ive seen this minature. Thanks for showing.

12.11.2010, 16:32
Great sculpt, nice paintjob (I especially like the white and freehand parts)... and the idea of a tennis-based tabletop-game is really... erm, weird. :p
Sounds very interesting! Im looking forward to seeing more of your stuff!

Cheers, Oli

12.11.2010, 22:21
Hallo liebe Miniaturenfreunde,
mein italienischer Kollege Franciuus hat unser kleines Porjekt schon vorgestellt. Dazu wollte ich eigentlich nur noch sagen, dass in kuerze 3 weitere Figuren erscheinen werden. In einem Monat ist dann auch das Service Forum fuer die Spieler bereit und ihr seid alle herzlich eingeladen an der Definition der Spielregeln mitzuwirken.

lg aus Suedtirol

Alessandro aka Emptyv

12.11.2010, 23:03
Interesting game. Did not the old Mayas play with those rackets? And i remember a scene in Spacecop LA 1999, where the aliens plays a match... :)
Hope, we see soon more of this good stuff.