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27.02.2011, 02:07
Primus Death from Enigma minis. WIP pics can be seen here

hope you like the base.


sgt absalon
27.02.2011, 09:13
This is awesome!!!

I didnīt know this model, thatīs why Iīm saying thanks for showing!!!

Great base indeed! I like it very much. Especially that little cave (I can see right through! :D)) wich balanced out the weight of the stones!

Fantastic work.

Iīm speechless.

Best regards
The Sgt

27.02.2011, 11:26
Nice one Weisern, I like it and the base is nice too. Th eonly thing that botehrs me is his mask, he reminds me a bit of those mexican wrestlers, like santos vs the super aliens and stuff. ^^
top job !

p.s.: didn't manage yet to get the shopping done, so sorry :???:

27.02.2011, 16:46
Hey, that is great! I love the idea for the face !!! And the complete look and athmosphere of the moel! Especially the stone looks really realistic! GREAT!

27.02.2011, 17:41
Great work!
The socket is rly nice with the watereffect and the stone.

How did you make the dirt at the coat?
With layering or simply drybrushing?


28.02.2011, 10:05
thanks all for the comments. criticism is also welcome. I know some of the bad things but you might find some others (or maybe tips on how to not get the meniscus (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meniscus) when pouring resin?)

originally I thought I could get more see through on the rocks, but there are only small gaps left. glad you like it anyway.

yeah, the strong primary blue mask was a bit of a crazy idea. yep, like a wrestling mask, I should call him Primo libre or something :lol:
I don't need any of the shopping stuff yet so that's ok.

I though the glow lines idea on the face would work nicely, but maybe the primary blue is a bit too strong?

the dirt on the cloak, was done with layering.

28.02.2011, 10:13
All in all a very solid Paintjob, with a cool atmosphere created with that cool Base.

Wich kind of Resin are you using? 2 K ?

28.02.2011, 11:06
yes, 2 part resin, this one here. the yellow sample on the left is from old leftovers, not the new bottles shown.

28.02.2011, 12:22
hmm looks like the normal resin stuff everybody use. you can take a look on the blog of my mate Marcus aka Grumbler - theres a nice tutorial how he made the water at the "falkar wandering sword" diorama. Its in englisch and maybe usefull ( some hints you didnt knew or so) but i think a little bit of meniscus he got also...


03.03.2011, 11:33
i checked out his crow mini, i can't believe he got his plastic barrier perfect on all 4 sides with no overlap. and he didn't say what he put on the plastic to stop the resin from sticking.