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31.07.2011, 12:43
Ave German Friends,
After 5 mont without painting, i finally return to my brushes.
i show you my last work, a commission for an historical collector.
it's 75mm by alexander, painting in oils and acrilics.

hope you like!

cmon link: http://www.coolminiornot.com/284213



The Artfist
31.07.2011, 13:50
Hey that's a Pretty cool result. For five months without painting it is really coOl.
But there are two main things I can see tjere:

The skin is very shining. That doesn't look to realistic.

The gold is missing the shine that the skin got to much. I think there should be more highlighting;-)

So it gets a nine from me :-)

LG The Artfist

31.07.2011, 16:15
Hi franciuus, I`m glad to see some new work from you. He turned out incredible, as always,lol. Don`t expect something else from you :-) But I also have to confess: The skin looks a bit glossy for my taste although it is perfectly painted. I suppose it is because you used very thin glazes in the end of the paintjob. Are you using Vallejo Paints? If "yes" they tend to look glossy if they are thinned too much.

Do you know the Matt Medium of Vallejo? It is a kind of additive. You can mix it to your paints for to avoid the glossy look ;-) Or do you wished the glossy look? It is absolutly a question of taste.

31.07.2011, 19:29

Well done, Franciuus! I really like it a lot. Though it might not be your best work ever since, but after five months of not painting it's brilliant.:D

I don't mind the gloss of the skin. To me it works out fine. Hope to see some more new work from you soon.;)


31.07.2011, 21:05
simply: wow!

01.08.2011, 03:20
thank you all for your comments!
i answer about the shining question:

1) first there are a photo problem, my camera have this "bug", is not the first time that my skin looks more shining that in real life, and also this is like that, i think is because i use in this case a very strong light "in front" for the pictures, and this capture all the possible "gloss"

a little "pictures proof" hehe this is a shot o don't use but here you can see the light is in a different position and the skin don't look so glossy as in the others:


2) second, ok in real life is not so "glossy" but is more satin that other times, this is for an interpretation idea that all the figure is in a "wet" atmosphere, so is sweaty and humid.

3) the bronze is more shine that the skin in real life but the very "sculpted" surface capture less light that the flat parts in the pictures. Is a difficult to have a good shot of this piece :P

hope i answer to your doubt, thank you all for your feedback!!!! i hope i will paint more in the future... 5 mont without brushes are for me like a prison :P


01.08.2011, 16:03
Ah yes this picture looks very different. Thanks for your explanation :-) 5 Months without painting, why???