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15.08.2011, 20:29
so,,,,,i think i will be posting here more often hehe! thought id quickly post a few pieces ive done as an introduction

this was my entry at gamesday germany :)

a little fun piece

my entry for salute a little while ago

another fun piece

i hope you guys like them and hopefully i will remember to post mini's here more often

for anyone thats interested here are some more pieces

and my blog:

15.08.2011, 20:44
Welcome and congratulation to your demon.

Really nice pieces you are showing. I really love your war cow. Very impressive.

15.08.2011, 20:51
Very nice paintjobs you got there ! Keep em coming.

15.08.2011, 21:16
Welcome and congratulation for the demon. I am looking forward to see more of your awesome paintjobs.

15.08.2011, 21:50
Hi nice to have you here :)
Makes our little happy painting place al little more international ;D

Bring your boys with you ;D

PS: gratz on your deamon!
PSS: i love the little fun piece :)


The Artfist
16.08.2011, 10:49
Yeeaaaahy, monkeyman for president:D
Cool stuff. Keep on painting like this:rolleyes: very nice

LG the Artfist

-Matt Cexwish-
16.08.2011, 12:48
Chris... Listen up... That Lizardman of yours, it kicks ass man...:D... Really, I love the Conversions you have done to it and the Smooth Choice of Colours, great execution... Only the Blood is missing on that Stone Blade (Stone. Blade. ... Nuff Said...:D...)... Now I am observing your effords for the UK Demon with one eye and if you want we can pimp the idea up a little bit more before you continue...

16.08.2011, 13:00
Very nice stuff! Glad to read you here :)


16.08.2011, 14:29
Hi Chris,

also very glad to see your wonderful stuff here! It was my pleasure to meet you in Cologne and i bet that won't be the last time - rock on and keep on happy painting!

Monkey Hug to you! ;)

16.08.2011, 15:06

thanks for the welcome monkey friends!! haha and thank you for the kind words. I will always welcome help and advice for my projects. Grab me on facebook or should i post pictures here??

I will see you all again at gamesday germany but hopefully at other events too! france??? or maybe even uk??

always a pleasure!

26.09.2011, 20:40
edit: removed until i get better pictures

27.09.2011, 12:06
I lik this duell scene. The first thought I have had was - oh Warhammer Online :p

From the pictures I saw I got the feeling that the duell category was one of the thoughest categorie at UK GD.

I like your clear color choice. I am always a fanboy of the comic style. Both figures are very well painted and the scene fits perfectly. The different color at the hand of the witch is very nice. You can interpret it in two ways. The witch is casting a spell and the high elf tries to counter it with the book. The other way is that something comes from the book that doesn't fit very well for the witch :p

Also the look that the high elf levitates a little bit - very interesting.

Overall a very nice duell scene - do you won something with this vignette?

27.09.2011, 22:03
thanks zeph, it got a finalist pin.

The Painting Mage
28.09.2011, 21:42
Great work! Fantastic bone color of the lizzard men?(dont know the english word for).


10.10.2011, 23:39
thankyou :) and we say lizardmen so you were right!

here is the new pictures of the duel,,,hopefully its a little better. It was my first time painting elves, white, black,,,and doing freehand that wasnt a checker pattern hehe.




10.10.2011, 23:51
WOW, this is so cool! I love the atmosphere :). Keep on showing your works (do it!).


07.11.2011, 00:18
a new project that might interest you?? a play on the alice in wonderland theme...


The Painting Mage
07.11.2011, 10:40
This is absolutely awsome!!!

Try to take some pictures with a colored background that your pics are lighter.
www.massivevoodoo.blogspot.com *edit by Artifist* there you can finde a background in the tutorials

07.11.2011, 11:01
Great work - love the diorama with the elves.

The Artfist
07.11.2011, 13:41
As I told you yesterday, this is amazing. Im very looking forward in getting this one in my hands ;)

LG the Artfist

The Painting Mage
07.11.2011, 14:34
Ups :) sorry. I changed it too

22.02.2012, 22:52
Guten Abend!!!

im not sure if this is the right place to post WIP stuff,,,,but i thought id post a teaser :) please be kind though,,,,its my first real attempt at painting something really rusty and dirty



more pics here http://platoonbritannica.com/index.php?threads/apas-atelier.98/page-26

23.02.2012, 00:54
great to see something from you again!

Could you please copy over your tut from Platoonbritannica? I read it, it sounds nice, but I can't acess the pics without registering there...