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02.09.2011, 01:02
Hi gerrrmany! :) My latest:


one of my fav sculpts, made by Allan for metal models i believe.
everything on the mini and the base is shaded with gw midnight blue and vallejo smoke to get a really cold feeling.
anyway, hope you like him! you know whattodo folks!

---> http://www.coolminiornot.com/286454

thanks :)

Dä Grotsnik
02.09.2011, 03:29
Hi, he looks very nice. Great work.

greetz marc

02.09.2011, 07:36

I love what you did with this mini. He really looks very cold and it reminds me on the old baldurs gate games.
The face is me favourite. Also the details on the base.
Well done.

02.09.2011, 07:43
I still don't like the model, but you did a great job here. :) Love the choice of color and the spider webs. Great work mate! :cool:

02.09.2011, 21:12
Thanks folks, glad you like him :)

I still don't like the model
say WHAT?? oh man, crackpot, that is so much heresy and blasphemy i dont know where to begin... lol ;)

02.09.2011, 23:06
Great work