We would like to introduce the first figure available for preorder this week.
The mad flight: Ulysses - illustrated by Stefano Moroni, sculpted by Ali Jalali and painted by Marco Bariselli.
Available here:

The figure is inspired by the Ulysses met by Dante in the XXVI Canto of Inferno, where Ulysses tells to Dante about his travels after his return to Ithaca and his death: his adventurous spirit pushed him to leave home again, to convince his companions to follow him in the exploration of new lands and to sail beyond the columns of Hercules - the extreme limit of the known world. It was during this last trip that he found his death: Ulysses, his crew and his ship were swallowed by a whirlwind of water, just before landing at a new unknown land.

Preorder price: 69 EUR
Regular price: 75 EUR
High quality resin kit