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09.05.2012, 17:32
... :lol: This vehicle is science fiction. It is built by customizing a plastic toolbox and some tupperware transpatentes and other materials, idealized the vehicle. That can be seen in a video of dioramas. Scale is 1/10. To view the photovideo go to:
(My website. / Scale 1/10. / Ciencia Ficción / Jurassic Park. / Photovideo.)

I'll edit some pictures of the vehicle Notonecta. ..:
------------------------------------------ Jorge.;)

sgt absalon
09.05.2012, 19:36
This is crazy! Definatetely! :mrgreen:

But nice build, indeed.

I think, you can add more realism to this vehicle by using some shades to define darker parts of the machine. And of course highlights to create lighter parts of it.

And what do you think about some weathering? I mean, this car is build to go throu water, dusty roads, muddy roads as well rocky roads. Don´t you think, that such a car couldn´t stay clean like this? Go ahead, friend, make it rusty and dirty!

I´m looking forward to the next pictures!

Your Sgt

09.05.2012, 19:38
It´s fun to look at the tupperstyle-vehicle. I especially like the small pet-box. ;)
Thanks for sharing the pictures!

09.05.2012, 20:47
jajajaaa ... :rolleyes: Very well. Sgt absalon Partners, Zazali ... I suppose you have seen the Photovideo in Jurassic Park. And you know that the impossible is a ship Notonecta aircraft amphibian. Only water can enter the upper part of the hatches. .... jajaj ... ;)