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07.07.2012, 18:02
here is one of my entry for the SPANISH GD 2012!
a monster...no, it's a chariot, a remake of the biggest goblin in all warhammer, GROM ahahah!


plata en categoria :D

if you want to vote and comment on cmon, too:

sgt absalon
07.07.2012, 19:39
Bellissima! Solo bellissima!

It has action, superb techniques and tells a great story!

But itīs a little hard to get a real focus on it, īcause of the many details youīve build in...

After all, yourīve got my best wishes for Spain!

Mille grazie per lo spettacolo!

Il Sergente

-Matt Cexwish-
07.07.2012, 20:50
Dear Rusto!...:D... Your Version of Grom looks Spectacular! Brilliantly executed, painted with your very distinctive and atmopsheric personal style... The Conversion is really well fitting, and all in all this is a Wonder- and Masterful Scene...^_^...

There is only one slight thing I would have changed for sure: The base... Itīs very, very Grey... I think Imagine how it would look on a Lush Grass Field with lots and lots of small Critter jumping out of Groms way (the Chariot should look more wild and more dynamic then, also... As if it was falling apart and everyone was grabbing something just to keep on the thing...^-^...)... What do you think?

Itīs always a Pleasure and Honour to see you Projects, really... Hugely Inspiring and always very Rusto... I could tell what you painted from 1000 Miniatures, no doubt...^-^...

07.07.2012, 21:55
Hi Rusto,

once again, congratz on this nice miniature.

i really like how you transferred this classic model into
something "modernstyle".

unfortunately your were gone so fast so i missed
a closer look.

hope to meet you again


08.07.2012, 18:39
thaaaanks a lot!

yes matt, mate! you are right...it's so grey, but your idea is really funny, the next one will be more crazy ;) thanks

:) ita was a real great weekend in barcelona, to meet beautiful person...see you soon moses...and then I'll show you in a better way, you know...aeroplane needs me!!! ahahah

grazie anche a te sergente ;)

11.07.2012, 13:15
I always liked Grom, he packs quite a punch....

Love your version, I could even tell its yours before I saw the name :P You got your own style - how cool is that!

20.07.2012, 09:36
thanks zaphod, so important to me your words...thanks, thanks, and thanks again!