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24.10.2012, 20:11
The Single 40.000 is one of the most sought categories. I tried to use an old idea remained on the back burner for years. A simple ork, not a leader, even a hero, but a character in a new and dynamic position. He is dying, while a sniper hits him. Im very proud of this piece, it is an important step forward for me. Who will give a prize to a dying piece?

if you want to vote and comment here too

25.10.2012, 08:51
Very, very, very, veeereeeery, very nice!
Love this orc, its a very dynamic scene and I can feel with him.
The enemys so near, running to them, going to kill the with his claw,
and tehn.... BNG....over! But he is only one of thousands! :D

sgt absalon
29.10.2012, 21:14

The skin is deep and full of variations and I do love the way you painted the pants!

The True Metal is exactly the way, I want it on my minis as well!!!

Great Paintjob! And a storytelling one too.

Thank you for showing!

Best regards
Your Sgt