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07.11.2012, 20:19

here is my photos, just a bit cold, of the news figure by Raul Garcia Latorre 54mm for
you can see the boxart there!


if you want to vote and comment on cmon too:

questions? impressions??

if you want to buy the model and paint it by yourself: http://www.terriblekidsstuff.com/
it's a metal cast not expansive!!! ;)


08.11.2012, 12:22
Very, very cool paintjob... I love the red, very good color choice!
See you tommorrow!

08.11.2012, 12:54
Like him a lot too ... great colours, great character!

sgt absalon
08.11.2012, 20:29
Great paintjob!!!

A gorgeous color choice, technically brillant work and the scene is just Wow!

I do even love the green/blue flashes in the metal parts. This kind of worn out metal comes very close to reality!

But just one question please!

How did you managed it to get the metal so shiny, as we can see it on the gun (first pic in the row)???

Is it just a hard and strong highlight or did you paint something to look like?

Best regards
Your Sgt

09.11.2012, 13:10
I like this guy.

Are you going to do a game for these models or are they just for painting and collecting?
(forgot to ask this in modena...)