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23.10.2013, 13:19

here is my entry for the last italian golden demon,
it's diorama, easy to understand!!!!

ork giant vs a skaven monster, in a big big duel increased by so many rats and goblins.
a real fun to create and paint.

I made it for my crazy friend, enricquez...you'll see at MUMI, as soon as possible!

if you want to vote and comments on cmon, too:


23.10.2013, 20:35

Boooooar! Very good! Im impressed!

23.10.2013, 20:40
Wow! Good Job!!!
Love the lights, and the osl, and especielly the skin of both.
But 1 thing.... can you please explain the story behind it?
I see the bell, but...rats running in it? and little gobbos, but no skaven?
Dont understand the story....

24.10.2013, 11:58
Another masterpiece. Love it.

24.10.2013, 18:26
THANKS a lot for these posts, so Happy if you like it!

The story it's easy;
The tree is A magical place for skaven, a bell is singing with The running rats.
Orks want it!!
Now, it's time to fight for The bell!!!
Didn't se skaven, 'cause I want to show The biggest differenze between The monsters and The rats!
It works?

Sorry for my bad english :)

24.10.2013, 18:32
It must be the Best of show- good idea and wonderful painting!!!!!

Paul Wu
26.10.2013, 17:35
Wow. thats so amazing. a real masterpiece