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Ian Newbold
29.10.2014, 17:57
We've just added four Extra Galleries to the Newbold Challenge Highlights 2006 to 2013. The galleries mainly contain painted miniatures with a sprinkling of artwork and craftwork. If you'd like to take a small trip down memory lane you'll find the galleries at :-



sgt absalon
29.10.2014, 18:34
Thankīs a lot, but... Phew! Iīdidnīt know that your memory lane is that long!

Anyway! Keep it on like this!!!

Yours sincerely
The Sgt

Ian Newbold
30.10.2014, 15:37
Hi Sgt

Good memories last forever and the list gets longer with each passing year! :-)

Until you get to my age when you have to record everything quickly before memory muddles it all up! :-)

Best Wishes