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12.08.2007, 19:25
Hi everyone,

the Team Deutschland standing on the Games Day 2007 let me think why not making a new forum for painters outside the German speaking countries.

The bemalforum will still be a German forum but I think it's not wrong to have a platform to speak to other painters especially to plan workshops or other activities or only to keep the contact.


12.08.2007, 19:40

a very good idea. Maybe it would be better to put this thread on top of the forum and give it an own area. I guess nobody will find it in the offtopic area...

We could also subdivide the international forum, something like contests, showcase, offtopic.......

Cu, :D

12.08.2007, 21:47

There are more countries out there? I thought there was just us!

*with this the President of the Galaxy introduces himself to the outside world*

Sounds like a good idea, Angelus!


13.08.2007, 12:05
ciao to all the german painters!

beautiful idea this international forum!!! THANKS...

13.08.2007, 13:11
Hey Rusto!!!!!

You are undisputedly NUMERO UNO! :D

Tanti auguri!


13.08.2007, 13:46
mhhh... you could come in contact with international painters much better and I had a reason to get better with my english :wink: ... sounds good to me.

cheers, derwish.

-Matt Cexwish-
13.08.2007, 15:07
Jeremie sent me a link to a international link thread, maybe you are interested in having that in your first post...?...

In General, the idea is brilliant... ^-^...

13.08.2007, 16:11
very good idea.. sounds just perfect to me...
so long

13.08.2007, 17:21

ciao Rusto, great to have you here. ;) ;)

Cu, :D

13.08.2007, 17:42
Hi Matt.

Just post the link :)


-Matt Cexwish-
17.08.2007, 01:03
Here´s the link...

http://coolminiornot.com/forums/viewthread.php?tid=21904&pid=349570#pid349570 ...

23.08.2007, 10:55
Hello everyone :)

23.08.2007, 12:02
cool to have some international painters here. I guess we can alle learn from each other much better that way!

23.08.2007, 13:08
Hi Olivier,

nice to have you here. I hope there will be some other French and painters from other countries too :)


23.08.2007, 13:34

hey Olivier, nice to have you here. :)
Tell your friends about this forum, would be a to have other painters from france on our board...... ;)

Cu, :D

24.08.2007, 23:48
Hey Olivier!

Great to see you here! And congratulations again for your Gold in Cologne! I really loved the submarine!


08.09.2007, 21:41
Hi, I think it's nice to present myself to you. So I'm Quentin from Belgium. Maybe you already see me in some international expositions such as Golden Demon, with longs hair and a blue shirt from my association Belgian Dogs Of War.

I'm 23 and I live in Brussel. I'm student in Communication.

You can see some of my minis there : http://www.coolminiornot.com/artist/darklapinou (pictures are not best).

I hope to meet people from everywhere here. It's one of the things I prefere with miniatures painting...

Seeya :wink:

08.09.2007, 21:57
Hey Quentin!

A warm presidential Welcome from me! You come from the country with the best fries, the best chocolate, the best waffles and the second best beer in the world! ;)


08.09.2007, 22:00
And our world's best beer is 'Freibier' (Beerforfree) :D

Welcome also from my side!!!

08.09.2007, 22:23

and hello Quentin. :)

Nice to have you here, enjoy your time with us and make sure to show us your latest miniatures. ;)

Cu, :D

09.09.2007, 01:04
Hi Quentin,

nice to have you here. Just tell the other painters from Belgium of this forum. At the moment the international area here needs some more people :). If this gets bigger I will probably expand the international area a little bit.


09.09.2007, 15:42
Just tell the other painters from Belgium of this forum

Done :)

Thanks for you greating to all of you. (Danke shöne alle ;-) )I'm very open to every exchange with other countries... Germany is just beside Belgium and I think that we don't have enough contacts, it's sad... We can change that niark.

You can see my lastest minis on my coolminiornot galery. If you had been to German Golden Demon you may have seen my last one, the duel between Saruman and Gandalf, I'm proud of it. But I know that there are some default. I'll present it again in UK.

Here is a little picture :

(is it a better place to post pictures ?)

EDIT: I forgot to say, we also have a forum : www.bdow.be/community you are also welcome and feel free to speak in English.

09.09.2007, 16:48
i like the mini- nice choice of colours, good atmosphere ans "heavy" snow :) hope you will enjoy uk (and take some trophies)!
-going to have a look at the belgian dow-forum
greetings, drake

10.09.2007, 00:55
Hey Darklapinou!

A very warm presidential welcome from my side, too!


10.09.2007, 10:46
Hello all,

Just went through the german-sign-up-pages (not too easy, as I only have a basic grasp of German...)
Anyway, another Belgian player/converter/painter here, pointed to this international sub-forum by DarkLapinou.

My painting isn't all too good, although I catch the odd price in online competitions and in 'standard' categories. But I'm working on that. I'm just struggling to find a balance in between painting up my armies in a reasonable timespan, and churning out a competition-worthy-fig in between.

My true strength (at least, that's what I like to think ;) ) lies in conversions, especially of the Orky kind.
That's why for the German GD, I converted a fig that was painted up and submitted by someone who'se painting-standard lies strongly above mine.

But all of the above does not mean I am not constantly trying to compete with my own skills, seeing each 'n every progress I make on the painting-side as a small victory.

Aaanyways, long story short, this sub-forum is an interesting idea and i'll be curious to see hwo it evolves.

I'll be looking forwards to be exchanging views and whatnot about painting and modelling, as long as I don't have to write german (in which case no-one would understand me)!

10.09.2007, 10:53
My true strength (at least, that's what I like to think ;) ) lies in conversions, especially of the Orky kind.

Hey, Quase!

The orky kind, huh? Well, in that case a very very VERY warm welcome from me! Waaaaagh!


10.09.2007, 14:25
Hi guys!

Well, another belgian guy, lead here by Darklapinou (damn inscription while I don't really speak a word of german haha). I'm 25, in miniature painting for about 13 years now (first 8 years more as a gamer), and deeply into converting and sculpting for a couple of years. The best sentence to describe my work is "Many ideas, no time to realise them"... :oops: So I don't enter many contests as I often don't have any new material for them... but I'm trying to change that, and i'd be glad to discover what other countries have to show from time to time.

I also help Darklapinou in the organisation of the Painting Crusade in Brussels, where I hope to see many of you, in order to defeat the french guys who will show up! ;)

Simple question: where can I post pictures of my works? Should I open a specific topic here or can I do it the the "german speaking" section, while writing it in english?

Loki, Knight of the Holy Lost Spare Time

10.09.2007, 17:20
hi Loki
and welcome

When you enter the forum, you click the "Miniaturen" Thread in the 5th Box, called "Peäsentationsecke". I think you get the most viewers and answers to your miniatures there.
Here you can also see all the other Miniatures from the painters here. And for sure you can speak english there.

10.09.2007, 18:42
@ Loki:

There are 2 possibilities of showing your miniatures.

1. You have them on any webspace outside this forum you can use the img-tag like in any other boards.

2. You upload your picture into the "Bildergalerie" see the Board navigation on the left. You can link your galery pictures using the code showing after you have uploaded your picture (Picture-ID)

Please post your pictures with english comments in the international forum. If there will be some more people here I will make an own category for internationals with an extra Showcase forum for your pictures.

Here instructions to switch the board language to English:

1. Click on "Profil" on the top menu
2. Click on the register "Konfiguration"
3. On the left side there is than a menu with the second point "Profileinstellungen"
4. After clicking this the first point of options is "Board-Sprache". Switch it to english and after that click on "absenden" (submit). The most texts needed to understand the board functions are now in English. If there are Any further questions/problems just let me know!!!!


10.09.2007, 19:36
The best sentence to describe my work is "Many ideas, no time to realise them"...

I finally found my long lost Belgian twin brother! :lol:



29.09.2007, 16:57
Great idea to have this international forum. So I think I have to introduce myself ... :)

So, my name's Vincent, best known as Cugel or Fenryl on other forums like Creafigs.

I will try to put some pictures of my work as soon as I'll catch a "real" camera...

If you have other questions about me, don't hesitate :)

29.09.2007, 17:53
Hi Vincent

nice to have you here. Im looking forward to your miniatures.


29.09.2007, 18:55
Welcome, Gugel! I hope you enjoy this forum!

Presidential greetings,

04.09.2009, 00:53
Hola amigos de Alemania!!!!

How are you guys!! Quite difficult to follow your forum with my knowledge of german... shit!! I have to learn!!! Hi, this is volomir from Spain, you might remember me from films like... fuck... you don't remember me, do you?? :wink: I'll post some figures here. Cheers to all german friends!!!

04.09.2009, 09:13
hey volomir ! loco de mierda ! todo bien ? me alegra tenerte aqui.

nice to see the international forum is getting bigger and full with talented people from all over the world. kep your brushes moist !

04.09.2009, 10:07
Hi Volomir - welcome in germany ^^

04.09.2009, 19:08
Hiii! :D

04.09.2009, 20:30
Hehe, your signature is priceless. :)

05.09.2009, 15:35

welcome to the forum! Great to have another international famous painter here!


14.09.2009, 04:05
Hola and welcome on board :-) Great paintjobs I`m glad that you decided to post here.

15.09.2009, 00:33
Aloa :wink: