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28.10.2008, 11:19

I don't know if it's the best place to post this on, if there is a better place...please, feel free to move it!

thanks to all the fantastic poeple who went there in Modena, it was a great week end and a great event!

this is my entry for the monster fantasy...a troll! I'm very happy 'cause it won a gold (my second gold!)
it's a conversion by the gw's giant, based on the old stone troll.

what do you think about it??


THANKS MATt for the blooooooddddddddd!


28.10.2008, 11:24

congratulations for the well deserved Golden Demon!

Very nice conversion, great atmosphere and a top-notch paintjob! I love the breechcloth and the skintone! The warm-cold-contrast between skin and breethcloth is just awesome.

Edit: I now do a editing for another time, because I find more and more great aspects of that "mini". The eyes seem to live! Do you have any WIP-shots?


28.10.2008, 11:33
Congratulations ! It totally deserves gold. Really awesome work, I love it !

-Matt Cexwish-
28.10.2008, 11:46
Hahaha, how in heavens did you managed to take proper pictures of it in your (really great... but really dark...:D...) painting room...?...:)...

I told you last week, I think this is definately your BEST work so far, it is more complex concerning the Light, the texture, the Transitions and the Conversion... everything about it is done to a extremely high standard and it tells a great, dense story... I absolutely love it, congratulations on your Gold, I am sure it is so destinctive (the Blood looks awesome...:D...), all painters will recognize and appreciate it...

Congratulations on bein such a terrific painter and even a nicer character...:)... Greetings from the cold Berlin to you, Rene, Matteo and of course, the Troll / Giant...^-^...

schwarzer räuber
28.10.2008, 15:14
I'm a big fan of all of your work, so I like this, too. Great lightning, great colour, great base. ... :D Nothing to critisize!

28.10.2008, 18:00
Hi Fabrizio,

nice to see you again here! The "mini" is great. But can one expect something else ;).


28.10.2008, 19:30
Hi rusto,

your miniature is an amazing paintjob. Innovative and lovely realized so I hope you forgive me my awkward, noobish comment regarding the subsurface scattering of the troll skin. In my opinion the skin seems a little bit too reddish here and there and the veins look a little bit unnatural even for a troll. Keep in mind that this is only my personal flavor and I'm lightyears behind your skill and feeling for colors :oops:.

Nevertheless, truly the deserverd winner of the Golden Demon.

Best regards,


28.10.2008, 19:42
Amazing paint job, leaves me out of words! Congrats to well deserved Gold!

Hope to see something of your work live somewhen somewhere. Maybe in St. Vincent or Monte San Savino??



28.10.2008, 20:11
you are my master..... i love it.....
my friend..this is just wonderful

28.10.2008, 21:43
Its simply awesome!
I really can't think about any words to discribe the athmosphere you created!

Could you please tell us the colours you used?

Especially for the skin, because its my favourite part of thsi mini ;)


28.10.2008, 22:10
Hi rusto ,

oh wonder , this is such a bright and great miniature !! awesome...the glossy colour is so nice ! ...did you work with airbrush ?

...this is a really well deserved golden demon..congratulations !


29.10.2008, 12:59

Could you please tell us the colours you used?

Especially for the skin, because its my favourite part of thsi mini ;)

Yeah, it's also my favourite part.

Would be great, If you told us the colors you used for the skin. :D


29.10.2008, 14:06

thanks for posting this miniature on our board. It was one of the best in this contest, maybe the best interpretation of Warhammer ...

Cu, :D

30.10.2008, 09:50

thanks a lot for all your comments, I'm very happy about it!

sorry, but there is not a wip 'cause I when I started was impossible for me to do it :roll: I moved in a new apartment!

yeah Matt, you know it: dark room, some call at the telephone, been late with matteo... it was a great week end thanks! the blood works so good, mate!!!

ciao angelus, I hope to meet you and all the community sooooon!!

@gambler, it's not a problem, I'm very interested to know all the opinions. colors are always a personal choice! thanks to be honest!

@peter, I don't know if I'll be in Monte san savino, but for shure I'll be in saint vincent (2009) 'cause I'll be in the jury!!!!

ben, my friend what can I say...I'm very very happy to meet you in berlin/poznan soooooon, thanks!

I don not use airbrush, ' cause I don't know how to do it!!!
...and this is something about the colors I used

for the skin, the blue parts:

white spray, and then a lot of step for the base. a use a clear base, that's gave me the chance to do many many shadows!
all the shadows are "dirty", 'cause I like the dirty effect on this kind of subject!
after the shadows, I start with the highlights. but between all the lights I add a new shadows!
(sorry for my bad english, I hope it's understandable!)

base colors, dark desaturated blue.
shadows, add some black to the base, and some cold green, and brown.
lights, add some kaki and some ice blue (by rackham, I love this color!!!)

the white parts:
when you are not at the end of the blue lights, add some bleached bone and white.
some shadows with a skin color
and then, a lot of lights with bleached bone ice blue (r) and white.

the cloack is brown-yellow and kaki for the lights. and purple for the shadows!

the base is with "roots" for the trees, cork for the rocks, and vallejo piedra pomez...and many skeletons, shields and everithing I found in my "base box"!!!!!!

this blood effect is made with all the brownish ink, some red gore, and a lot of red by tamya...but when Matt comes to milan, he gave me the clear red by tamya...fantastic!!! try it!!!

@Bestienmeister, it was great to meet you here...next time I hope to have much more time!!! congraz for all the demons.
...and the slayer, very well deserved!!!

this is a great community, with a lot of great painters (too much :evil: ) and beautiful person! ciao...fabrizio!

30.10.2008, 14:59

thanks for writing it down, in my opinion it's understandable.
Did you use some GW-Shadow-Grey-Mix for the base-colour of the skin?