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10.05.2009, 22:12
Hi everyone.

This is my first painted figure in a very long time. Some of you know me from expos around the world and some of you might know me from before when I was a frequent poster :D

It was a magnificent figure to paint, as all sculpts by Raul. It is Airtis by Enigma, 54mm. I hope you will enjoy it:


I would very much appreciate if you could take the time to comment.





Best wishes



10.05.2009, 22:41
i like the skintone. Nice paintjob.

11.05.2009, 03:10
Nice paintjob!

It`s abolutly great. i love all of them. The metall, the skin, the base...

11.05.2009, 06:58

hey Alex, good to have you back. I hope you are fine.

Your version of Airtis is very nice, especially the skintones. The focus is on the face and the upper part of the mini, Jeremie would love this. Keep on :)

Cu, :D

11.05.2009, 07:03
Yeah, really cool...what I would like to see is a closeup of the left arm. Is there a tattoo? Greetz Florian

11.05.2009, 08:26
Thanks guys!

Yes, it is a simple tribal tattoo in order to strenghten the high fantasy look.

Beast: how nice to hear from you! Yes, everything is fine. I was swamped with work and have now finally the time to paint and sculpt again. Hopefully you will see quite a few works from me over the next few months.



11.05.2009, 08:51
Hey Alex,
welcome on the blue side of the force. its good tp hear that you are allright.
hope to see you sonn on a event in not to distant futur..
by the way i like your battle gnome..

11.05.2009, 09:29
Ben my man!

Yes you will see me soon. I have spoken with Matt briefly about coming to Berlin. I will try to make a schedual when I can leave from work and hopefully I will attend an event quite soon. Worst case scenario for me is to make the Ravage and then Poland. Are you coming to any of those?



11.05.2009, 10:04
col gnome, very nice paintin there !

11.05.2009, 10:07
Hi Alex,

the skin is awesome! The subtle purple on the trousers looks great.

Fantastic paintjob!



11.05.2009, 10:25
Hi Alex,

i really like the way you've painted this model up... those earthy colours all aorund make it totally harmonic and the skin is just wonderful. I do love that it is not tooooooooo bright and popping... looks very realistic that way...

Great piece and good to have you back on the right side of the brush!


11.05.2009, 18:11
Thanks guys! It means alot.

If you have the time, please give it a comment on CMON. It would mean the world to me.

Also, if you are interested, I have a sculpting thread that I send to friends by email. If you want to receive pics just give me your email.



11.05.2009, 19:01

Ha just commented him on CMON. I really like the NMM parts and also the skin ;). Pretty nice work!

11.05.2009, 19:33
Hi Alex ,

this is really a brilliant miniature , I like it alot .... really awesome !


11.05.2009, 22:29
Hi Alex,

a very good version of a nice miniature, you've painted. I like it a lot, especially the skin and the face expression.


12.05.2009, 09:19


I just love how you painted the skin; it really is full of life. The metallics are also pretty nice.


12.05.2009, 18:29
Thank you!

This warm welcome back means alot! It really makes me appreciate this line of work.


Alex :oops:

13.05.2009, 18:59
Hi Alex,
I`m so glad to hear from You. It is great to have You back again.
Best wishes Thomas :D :D :D

13.05.2009, 19:15
Hello friends.

Even though CMON did not enjoy my Airtis you seemed to like it. I have therefore decided to post my favourite paintjob and last before my break, Lathiem, another beauty by Latorre.




If you have the time; please vote and give it a comment:


Here is also a very EARLY wip of Latorres knight. Donīt let the coloured areas fool you; I have mostly started to colour them.


Also great hearing from you Thomas!! I hope to see you soon!

Hopefully you will enjoy them.



13.05.2009, 19:33
Hi Alex ,

could you please give us an overview about which colours you have used ? Would be very thankful for this....

regards ,


13.05.2009, 19:38
Hi Alex,

nice to have you back again.

Donīt give a thing about CMON ... It sadly became a site of painters who live of what we do as a hobby just to have fun some time ago. So this results in snipping an rants and so on ... its more about knowing lots of people which will give you a ten because you act "nice" to them ;)

I really like your limited palette with lots of browns and a clear focus to light. The only thing i would add on your fleshtones would a be a slight purple on the darkest shadows to add vibrant colour here. But this is mostly a thing of personal taste, since i myself like to do my skins with lots of reds of a bit of dark green or purple in the shadows.

13.05.2009, 20:06
Hello Sascha!

Nice to hear from you. Yes, it is a strange site.

It would be great to see you someday soon. I have not decided what expo to visit this year but I really wish I had the time to visit one. Since getting back into the hobby, painting is not my main focus anymore. I spend more time sculpting. I find the clay very amusing :D

Harhad: I use mostly P3 paints. The Lathiem is a play between catachan green (gw) and sanguine base (p3). My lights are khaki and then more white. Shades are always a little darkblue and the complimentary tone. For the skin I use a colour called khardic flesh (p3) - I find it wonderful. Depending on the setting I always use a "mood colour". This is a paint that is in a small quantity mixed into everything. For Lathiem I used English Uniform (p3) and for the knight I used Ice Blue (gw).

I hope this explaines it.



14.05.2009, 14:17

The Lathiem paintshop is great! Perfect focus on the Face and the chest! I also like the limited choice of colours...Great!

WIP of the Latorre knight: early WIP?? Are you joking? :D :D . Here too: perfect focus to the chest and definitely on of the most stunning light blues ive seen!

Ready to see more pics,