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16.06.2009, 15:36
I all!!
I present you my latest work. it is a little yliad piece of art that I have always loved and I wanted to paint for a long time.


I converted the woman changing the whip with a sword and I converted the head of the monster from a toy of Mc Farland.
I devoted much time to work on the blood and the effect of the scene Splatter using various techniques.
The miniature is painted with mixed oil and acrylic studying two main things:

1) the moon light, to make dramatic night scene
2) the chromatic contrasts: in fact, the piece evolves from the bottom to high not only from light to shadow, but also hotter (red blood) in the coldest (the cyan white face).

i post you a little scheme of the colour i used, i hope that is understandable even if is in italian:


cmon link: http://www.coolminiornot.com/224696

here there is an article about this piece but for the moment i do this only in italian, if you are interested i can try translate in english in some time :)...


I hope you enjoy it! comments and suggest are as always really wellcome!
if you have some question i'm here, also with my terrible english :P


16.06.2009, 17:56
wow...really a mastertpiece...I love the amount of detail you added...stunning...thanks for showing us!

16.06.2009, 18:42
Love it!

16.06.2009, 20:15

hey Francesco, nice to see a new miniature. I love the way you used the colours from top to bottom. I didn't notice it at first sight but with your explanation I understood. Hell of a good miniature.

Keep on painting. :)

Cu, :D

21.06.2009, 03:46
I love this "bottom-to-top-scheme"! It's a realy nice idea which you realized very well! It's fantastic work and now I like to paint some blood as well :D
best regards,