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04.09.2009, 00:00
When we thought last year of attending Games Day Germany I didn't think we were going to have so much fun there!! We have become permanent attendees of your GD!!!

Here I present you my entry in GD Germany 2008, it was awarded gold in single 40k. It's a standard bearer space marine from the Imperial Fists Chapter. Dedicated to my master Alfonso Giraldes (banshee) and done as a tribute to his wonderful figure "Brother Joshel" converted from Inquisitor's Artemis.

The design of the flag was done by my friend Arturo Serrano (obiart). I just had to paint and copy the design from the wonderful image he created in photoshop. Thanks obi!!!!

I have also to mention our friend Matt Crazy Cexwish for showing us around Köln after the event, and for the great time we had around some good german beer and the few words I learnt in german... they were extremely useful!! Thanks mate!!!!!! Hope to see you around soon!!

I think we'll be going to Italy as our last GD this year, I hope to see some of you guys there if possible!! And look out for some more figures I'll be posting here soon. Did I mention I love Germany?? Expect us next year in your fantastic GD!!!

coolminiornot - Brother Fonsel (http://www.coolminiornot.com/230822)


04.09.2009, 07:51

hey volomir, nice to have another famous international painter here. Please show more of your miniatures. :)

I really like your Space Marine, it was one of my favourites at the Games Day 2008. Unfortunately I could not come last year but the pictures I saw were very impressive. Your Gold in 40k single was so very clear to me!!!

The rating on cmon ( 7,5 with around 180 votes at the moment ) is ridiculous! This miniature is much better, maybe a 9,5. The problem to me is the picture you made. I think you chose to much light and maybe a flash on your cam, so you can hardly see any lights and shadows. There were much better random shots on the internet from the showcase at the GD Cologne. I think if you manage to take some decent pictures and repost them, this miniature would get a much higher rating.

And thanks for the offer, but no Freifick for me. :) :) :)

Cu, :D

04.09.2009, 09:02
Hi Volomir!

Welcome to the "bemalforum" Very nice mini youre presenting here - especially his face is really great. Nice shadings and batteldamage. The standard itself is great too, of course - there i got one question: I always wonder how it is possible to paint such freehands arround the "corner" is it formed like this after you painted it?

Cmon: 7,5?? thats a joke - and not a funny one. Edit : Cmon seems to deleted all this sniper votes - now its on a realistic 9,6

Regards Count

ps.: What the hell has matt been telling you ? ^^

04.09.2009, 13:36
Hy there!

Very nice to have you show up in this little forum. ;)

As Bestienmeister already said, I (we) would love to see some more of your great miniatures. 8)

Your last years GD entry looks incredible, I really love the flag and the dynamic pose of the marine. The pictures look a bit glossy and shiny, so it would be great to get "better" pics if possible. ;)

But I have one question: Is the flag made of real fabric or is it sculpted? It looks so thin... :shock:

Best regards

04.09.2009, 17:24
Simply beautiful!

04.09.2009, 18:01
Saw this Mini at the GamesDay, really GREAT work!! :D

06.09.2009, 02:57
Hi and welcome =)
It's a really pretty mini. I like it a lot!

07.09.2009, 14:19
Thanks friends!!

@BestienMeister: Thanks! I'm not very good with photos... I have to learn a lot in that field!! What does freifik stand for really?? :twisted:

@Count_zero: Thank you! The freehands are painted around the corner as you say. THe flag is made of milliput, and the waves were sculpted so the painting has to be done with all those waves and it can be quite difficult, is just a matter of patience :roll: You can use little tin sheets, paint it when its plain and then do the waves on the tin... I prefer to use my patience and paint around corners, normally those corners are shadow palces and its not so important to do a great job there.

@Crackpot: I don't think I can make better pics!!! :cry: THe flag is made of milliput, kneaded and then flattened until you get the thickness you want. You can make it nearly as thin as you can imagine!

@Stoessi, SK4TE, Gobbo: Thanks friends! Your comments really make me happy!

07.09.2009, 14:27

Freifick is "a fuck for free" ;)

Cu, :D

14.09.2009, 03:23
Hi Volomir, great paintjob and 100% authentic photos.

Some mentioned that the photo isn`t the best but I don`t think so because there are a lot of photos on cmon which are more photoshop than really good painted, lol.

If I look at your photo I can see that it is 100% real and honesty. I see some little dots of paint (how it often happens if one paint a lot of layers) but I also see that your blendings are super smooth and everything looks very clean and sharp. So my opinion is that I would wish more of such honesty pictures at cmon. So that the painter who are really able to paint get their well deserved ratings and in the end your pictures convinced if I look at the rating now :-)

Just a little advice: It would be okay if you would make your pictures a little bit darker and add a little bit contrast with a graphic software but only a little bit. Not to much. It is just to bring out the shadows and highlights at bit more :-)

Apart from that I think the pictures are good and the paintjob is fantastic and it is also good to see. Keep it up :-)

14.09.2009, 22:39
Wow - now im much more impressed as i already was before - That freehand "around the corner" awesome!!

14.09.2009, 23:31
Outstanding model! Really a more than deserved trophy! Thank you very much for your Step by Step on your blog! Really inspiring!

Maybe see you next year on the GD Germany - would be very cool!