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05.04.2010, 11:50
hi all,
i present you my last work.
i paint this boxart for the pegaso fantasy range Gheenna.
it'a a very hard miniature, dynamic and very rich of atmosphere... a really fantastic sculpt from the "god" Andrea Jula.. i really love to paint this
hope you like!!!

My pictures:

Pegaso April news:

as always i like all of your comments and feedback
Thank you all!!!!


05.04.2010, 13:05

You really did an excellent job on this one! Your paintjob emphasizes the interesting sculpting. This cold atmosphere you've created contrasted with the red stripes and the blood seems simple, but it's very effective and perfectly done.

Thank you very much for showing!

Best regards

05.04.2010, 16:23
Wow, your paintjob definitely deserved to be printed on all the boxes. Well Done!

05.04.2010, 16:31

excellent paintjob on this cute ladie. I think I know which part was most fun to paint. ;)

Will you do more boxart for pegaso or even romeo models in future?

Cu, :D

simon m.
05.04.2010, 17:43

fantastic sculpt and painting! Especially the two last pictures are quite interesting....
Thankīs a lot for sharing!


05.04.2010, 21:04

great paintjob on a great mini!


05.04.2010, 22:48
thank you all very much for your comments i'm glad you like it!!! :D

06.04.2010, 02:43
very nice ! I likt it a lot.:D

06.04.2010, 10:30
Excellent Paintjob - only the tatoo is a lttle bit too black to me.

06.04.2010, 12:53

i really like your paintjob, the girls skin fits perfectly with the cold surroundings represented with the snow base.

Would you please tell me which colours you have used for the skin?

What i donīt like on the model is not of your concern, its something in the sculping.
It is the leather strip over her breasts. I
t would have been nicer without :p
No it just looks wrong for me, when you think about all those girls out there complaining about there braīs i canīt image a warriorwoman wearing
something like that.


07.04.2010, 09:12
thank you all again for your kind word!

for the skin i use a palette like this:

base: beige red MC
shadows: Navy blue andrea, scab red, marine oscure blue Liquitex
Light: White GW and Liquitex (very oil finish), and "titanio crudo" Liquitex (looks like "Arena Clara MC+beige MC" but with a satin oil finish)

all colour are wet mixed and work with washes and glaze. the base have to be simple a "nuance" and quite totally disappear from the final result.

hope can help you :D


07.04.2010, 11:38
excellent paintjob on a lovely miniature :)

Letīs say the sculpt (breasts hold with a leatherstripe, hooray) convinced me to buy this miniature for about 50 percent, your paintjob did the other half.
So far not a single gehenna miniature impressed me enough to actually buy one, but now i have to get this lovely nok-huntress ;)

so thumbs up.

16.04.2010, 14:57
Just can agree to the previous comments. Have seen her at the top last seven days just a few minutes ago and I am also quite impressed and looked at the photos a long, long time. Perfect atmosphere and colour choices and painting is just amazing. I have a question concerning your painting technique. Do I understand you right when I say: You first paint a basic transition with a base colour and then you work on it with washes and glazes for to give the transition completely new colours?

19.04.2010, 11:12
yes Vhaidra, it's right...

but, i start directly from the base to adjust some other colours in the mix...
as i said i have a various palette and after the base i use this for mixed some different type of colour on it...

i try to explane:

i have the base in the center, and around i have other colours: shadows (blue red and black (violet is blue+red)) and light (white, space wolf grey, titanium etcc..) i start mixed form center to the ground with the shadows... so i have a lot of mix: more blue, more grey, more red... and from the center to the Up i mixed the chair colours... than i start define volumes with the colours i have and i start to glaze and wash... till the final result...

it's quite difficult to explain in words but In real life is more simple i think :P

thank a lot to all of you...

goatman... man you are the first inspiration of all miniature painters that discover CMON some years ago!!! all of us i think dream with your works wen we starts painting... so simply thank you.. for me is more than an honor to received your comments... THANK YOU!

19.04.2010, 14:47
Cool :-) Thanks for the explanation. I started to paint this way just right now that`s why I asked. I will try to bring more live (more colours) to the transitions I paint and you did this perfectly and so I thought it would be a good idea to ask you how you get this :-) Thanks.

26.04.2010, 12:23
in meantime so of us have seen your paintjob in real in bavaria...really really stunning...I don't wanna know how many of these have been sold because of you fantastic box-art....I got one...:)