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27.07.2010, 16:28
Hello friends!
This is the lastest miniature that i´ve painted. It is a Han Solo 30 mm scale from Knight models companie.

I hope you like it! Comments are wellcome! :)


Saludos desde Espaņa!

Borja Garcia

27.07.2010, 18:56
hola fenix - good to see pics from you again, long time no see since polish games day! Hope you and the other members of the spanish expedition are well!

to the mini:
great job, like the atmosphere very much, especially the leather parts like boots are perfect and look really great. The similiarity to H.Ford is amzing, congratulations!
Keep on the great work!


27.07.2010, 20:36
Hola Borja ! Muy bonito te ha quedado. El color de la camisa esta espectacular en my opinion. Un gran saludo desde aqui y ojala nos veamos en alemania este anio. My teclado no tiene enie ;)

simon m.
27.07.2010, 20:36

thank you for posting your minis here!

I like both the sculpt and your painting. Especially the trousers are very good. Perhaps the face could need some extra lightning... that´s however only a minor issue and the only point I´m not entirely convinced of.

Cheers, si.