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23.10.2010, 14:18
hey all. These minis were some of Jody's (sprue) first sculpts, you can get them from imbrianarts.com or tabletopshoponline.de

it was a really quick and simple paintjob (especially the base). There are a lot of problems with the base as you can see. gaps where the column meets the ground, not enough sand/gravel, looks too airbrushed (i did minimal shading on it), etc. Hope this doesn't put anyone off the sculpts.


wip of the base:

23.10.2010, 15:03
Hey Weisern , Nice to see something agian from down under!

Yeas indeed the basse is really "quick" painted. Some pigments would have been very effectfull i guess.

Regards Count

23.10.2010, 16:52
Hey Weisern :) Iīm happy to see some of your new stuff here. Well, I donīt care if itīs "only a quick paintjob". I like it a lot. But Count_Zeroīs idea is quite good. Use some pigments to get a more old and dark atmosphere :)

Greeting form Cairo to Down Under :) Hope youīre alright down there!

23.10.2010, 19:22
Wow, that is pretty cool - thanks for the WIP steps of the base - impressive!

24.10.2010, 06:21
Yes, I've been shy at posting because I've been painting very simple and not so impressive paintjobs.

yes, i should've used some pigments. next time I will not rush things so much.

hey Peter, I saw a pic of you on massive voodoo in Egypt. Very cool, and hot :D

28.10.2010, 02:13
Hi Weisern, welcome at the Bemalforum. I`m glad to see you posting here, it`s nice to meet foreign painter here :-) We all know your "good stuff" so it`s no problem to show the quick jobs too. No one will suppose that you are a beginner, lol. It think it`s cool because I like the dynamic. Pigments are a good advice because they are easy to use and it doesn`t need much time to apply them. Means: Pigments are a good choice if you want to finish the base quickly. You just put them on, push and pull them to where you want them and finished.

There is just one thing I had done different than you: The both in the foreground are a little bit more present (because of the red bright parts) than the main figure which is painted in dark, muted colours. My choice would have been to make the main figure more outstanding than the other in using brighter or stronger colours for him and muted colours for the other both. The main figure is clear because of it`s position so this is really just a small critique ;-)

28.10.2010, 07:59
Love the base! :) Only a bit dirt and dust would have been great as allready said. ;)

28.10.2010, 13:02
thanks Vhaidra and crackpot,

I'm going to a painting meeting at a new shop near where I live and I'll be bringing this along. I think I will spend some to darken the base a bit, and use some pigments on it. As I always like to do easier things at paint meets, this will be a good opportunity to fix it up a bit.

28.10.2010, 13:09
Jarhead uses additional a secret-special-tell-no-one-trick - he simply uses his drity brushwater. Even on the two sockets youve shown in the other thread would that be very good, cause the colours of all that stuff on the floor there is very bright and thats why it looks a bit "put on top" - if understand what i mean.

28.10.2010, 18:32
Jarhead uses additional a secret-special-tell-no-one-trick

Lol. Like all those others "special tell no one tricks" ;-)

29.10.2010, 15:10
When you change evrey day your painting water, you can thin down washes with water and use this colored water. Or try it with wet pigments. Let it dry and wipe then the surface with a smooth brush. Many roads leads to rome... :)
And it looks good, hope for more photos.