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10.12.2010, 06:18
Aleph Sniper:
I started this one back in May. the base is a cap from masterfoods spice jars, with a resin gear bits from Fiendish Fabrications, and some 1/48 scale bricks. The colours did not work out as well as I'd like, and the blends are not smooth, as evident in the large pics.


10.12.2010, 08:50
Always a pleasure to see something new from you! :)
I like the model and the base, but as you said by yourself the blendings are a bit messy and the highlights and bright areas look a bit "chalky". Don't know if it's just because of the pictures or because of the colors you had used...

10.12.2010, 09:50
Nice to see something from Down under again.

"chalky" was the word i was searching for ^^ - thanks Crackpot. Hihglighting Red is always a hard job. I wonder how you did that? Did you use simple white (skullwhite maybe? ) to highlight the model?

I realy like the model (which manufacture is that)?

10.12.2010, 11:45
Hey Weisern!

Nice to see some work from you.
I totally like the choice of colors on this mini, very unusual but cool :)
The base is simple but very nice like this.
What i don't like that much on this mini (just because i know you can do it better...) is the highlight on the pants. They are pretty chalky and somehow desaturated.
There is some color missing in the highlight.

The blendings are ok, but i know you can do it better :)


10.12.2010, 12:52
Very cool Choice of Colors. Love her

10.12.2010, 14:02
Its an infinity model. My only infinity model, hehe. I picked her because I wanted to practice painting scifi. I have to confess, I'm not very good at picking sci-fi colours. This is the first sci-fi mini I have painted in 9 or 10 years.

yeah, the blendings are definitely chalky. I didn't go back and smooth out stuff. Too quick a paintjob, about 8hrs I think :D I guess I'm urgently trying to finish up all the undercoated projects and this one has been started since May.

I have this crazy urgency to finish off these old projects because I'm afraid if I don't finish them soon, I will not get them done at all, because you see, next year we get our Games Day back! So, I want to do some good entries up for it (my efforts the last few years have been sucky), and when I start the GD projects, the non-GW projects will be sitting there sad and unfinished.

I have 1 more undercoated and ready (since May), non-GW mini to finish, before I will let myself move on to GD projects. Its another sci-fi piece and its big! Capt Dragomira tank thingy from AT43, I have no idea how, what colours, just no idea, hahaha.

Also, between now and GD, I know there is going to be a big distraction to paint up sprue's goblins/shaggamaw/druid troll for his painting comp, when he releases the minis - he plans to paint them all up first before releasing, so that's gonna buy me some time :D.

thanks for looking and commenting. I will do better with the blending next time.

hey Raffa, the background pic things you posted on massivevoodoo are very handy for the graphic design handicaps like myself, thanks heaps. I've been using the background for all my recent photos.

10.12.2010, 15:27
i think most of us use the photo backgrounds - the are just that good.^^

Yeah i know waht you mean - i got also some Projects thath jsut have too be finished...

10.12.2010, 15:41
Hehe, it's a honor for me that you use the background ;)
Ohhhhh why is there a pikachu warning sign on the base? :D :D :D

11.12.2010, 01:55
hahaha, the tiny sign was a last minute add on. i was even so lazy i didn't use plasticard, i just cut up some photo paper.

The Artfist
11.12.2010, 07:44
Thats a great mini with a better paintjob on it.
But theres one thing i donīt like. The pose on the base of this girl.
I cant see if shes running or standing. The legs say running the body says standing. I think she should be a bit inclnied to the front, to make the scene prefect.

LG The Artfist