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18.12.2010, 13:48
Lt Dragomira from AT-43. I originally started with a khaki and blue colour scheme that looked quite bad after some shading and highlights were done. So, I re-started this mini today. Base is from microart studios, and plinth is from voodooworx.

the back view is quite boring (and bad) so I left it out.

Finally, now I can start some GD projects. :D


18.12.2010, 16:15
That is cool weathering. Cool miniature, cool paintjob, cool base!

For my personal taste the yellow is too bright. And you could improve the glow effect of the lenses ;).

18.12.2010, 16:24
Looks like paints have no priority at Red Blocks supply list ;)

Alternative title: "The scrapyard beast" :mrgreen:

Just 2 nitpicks: The red star at the front looks to clean versus the overall appearance of the machine. Thats a common mistake with military modelling: markings added late in the painting process miss the full wheatering job. And the handle/grab rail at the top hatch has to much paint on it. Thats a part where the paint would be rubbed off very fast due to daily use.

Overall good work. And I like the homemade mesh "baskets" on the ground.

- NogegoN

18.12.2010, 16:49
Great paintjob. I love it. Only the wire fence on the base looks too new for my taste.

19.12.2010, 07:33
yes, there is definitely too much bright yellow showing. should have done more staining or something. the glow on the lenses is too simple, will try harder next time.

the red start was painted at the very start, i was just reluctant to cover it up. very good point about the grab rail handle, as i was quickly thinking about where else would be worn, I totally missed that. the whole base is total resin http://www.shop.microartstudio.com/trash-bases-round-flying-60mm-p-120.html?cPath=3_31

The Artfist
19.12.2010, 11:41
I like the mini. The Yellow is the only thing that doesnīt fit to the Rest. I think there could be red or turquise perhaps. But thatīs just an idea. Weathering is very nice, not to much, thats good. But i think there could be more Highligting lines on the scratches. thats better for 3D effect. it looks to much as just painted and not scratched. You have to show your GD Projects, Iīd like to see them:D

LG The Artfist

19.12.2010, 13:37
the red star was painted at the very start, i was just reluctant to cover it up.

Yes, that is a common thingee. Most people are shy to overpaint and wheater markings, slogans, numbers and so on. I guess this is psychology.
But you have to overcome these considerations and give the markings the same rough treatment like the other parts of the model to achieve a correct look and finish.

If you want to achieve better results for realistic wheatering of warmachines please have a look at Missing links www.missing-lynx.com or Track link www.track-link.net. There are a lot of galleries, tutorials and forums with known experts for military modelling to ask about this or that.

- NogegoN