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11.01.2011, 14:41

here is scene with many figures on it.
the project was made for fun many many years ago, but a customer find it interesting...so I finished for the italian gd.
this scene gave me satisfaction...
what do you think about it??
and if you have time to spend for cmon, too:

11.01.2011, 14:46
Holy Cow! Thats a really cool scene!

11.01.2011, 14:47
I love it! It was my honour to see this live in Ingolstadt last year. Truely an amazing masterpiece. I love the saturated landscape and your strength of colour power in your lights ... truely majestic, but i try to tell you this since about i know your painting - you just have to believe me ;)

11.01.2011, 14:51
This is a realy beautiful diorama, it really blew me away when i saw it at the duke....
I will never fully understand how you paint your colors, very unique way!


-Matt Cexwish-
11.01.2011, 22:48

Too long time passed since we last met... Makes me sad, but great to see that you are not resting and painting like that / mad... :D... I somehow feel that we will meet in 2011 again, for sure... There is a lot to talk about...^_^...

This work... For me, there are only a few people who really have a very personal, distinctive Style, Unique to their person... You are one of them... The Scene is very nocturnal and really not the usual Nightgoblin Theme, it fits the topic PERFECTLY... Realitywise I would love to see it with more Vegetation also, more rotten plants taken to the extreme, but only because of sheer curiosity... You can hear the cracking branches under these Creatures and hear the shrieking commands of the Gobbos... What else can you ask for...?...

Very nice indeed, Maestro... Love your work... Always makes me happy...

13.01.2011, 09:05
Very cool with a great atmosphere. Wonderful work :)

25.01.2011, 19:34
sooooorry for my delay friends!!!

I don't know what to say...just THANKS.
it was a strange creations. an old idea, probably my first conversion (the big squig). after a long time, last year, I tried to realize it...everithing was very very easy to create. position and colors...

probably the suggestion by squabble of the mighty victoria lamb helped me!!!

hope to meet you all, soon...

(ciao matt, yes...long time...but I'll never forget you
ahahah, thanks mate...un abbraccio)