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15.02.2011, 14:48

here is a conversion in 75mm, between Rackham and Pegaso Models.
'cause I love to paint 75mm, and I would like to do this with a rackham feeling:rolleyes:

I udes this Pegaso's figure by Andrea Jula:

http://www.pegasomodels.it/productdetails_it.asp?id=760 (http://www.pegasomodels.it/productdetails_it.asp?id=760)

tarascus is the monster:
http://www.figouz.net/ConfAdR/Profil_Tarascus.pdf (http://www.figouz.net/ConfAdR/Profil_Tarascus.pdf)

I used only this part of the firs model:

and this is my conversion:


ok...here we are to the final version, with some corrections and much more colors on it!


now, I'm waiting for your comments, doubt, questions...

...ah...if you want to vote and comments on cmon too:
http://coolminiornot.com/271574 (http://coolminiornot.com/271574)


15.02.2011, 15:35
Fantastic, Rusto!

I also have a spare Tarascus Head lying around somewhere.
Wish I have had such a idea. ;)
Great work!


15.02.2011, 16:21
Hi, at the beginning, sorry for my bad english, hope you can understand what I mean! ;)

I like this miniature,
but I think, the "hat" (dt.: Mütze/Kapuze) is to big, looks like a nightgoblin from GW.
And the mini is painted in cold colours, the face is in my eyes not the first focus.
The focus, i think, is here on the monsters head and mouth, especially the tongue (dt.: Zunge ,hoffe, das ist das richtige englische Wort).

But...this is only my opinion, are only small things! ;)
I love the monter-head! :)

Hope, you understood this.

15.02.2011, 18:04

Kapuze heisst "hood" auf Englisch. ;)


Hach, wieder was gelernt. ;)


15.02.2011, 19:26
but I think, the "hat" (dt.: Mütze/Kapuze) is to big, looks like a nightgoblin from GW.

That's also what I thought when I looked at the mini. It looks like these kids in the tram which wear they cap loose on their hair because it could ruin their haidcut. ;)

Everything else is really great and I like the epic scene and the paintjob is awsome.
Thanks for sharing this nice piece with us. :)

16.02.2011, 08:12
Have to agree with the look of the hood. Looks kind of funny, like a "duncecap". It just won't fit to this uber-cool character. ;)
But nevertheless an astounding piece of work. I really love the coc and the slime-effect on the tongue of the slain beast. Great work! :cool:

16.02.2011, 09:20
I agree, the beast is baboooooom nice but the uberhoody does not fit the character.

16.02.2011, 10:34
yeah thats a really cool "conversion" haha youve sculpted 75 % by your own - impressive, is there something you cant? ^^.

But i have to agree the first thing i thought and thats often the right obe : the hoody looks very weird.

The monsterparts are by the way my favs in this diorama.

20.02.2011, 16:15
what...the hood looks awesome...adds much character!