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26.05.2011, 13:11
here is my version of GRIMGOR, my favourite ork leader by warhammer!
I add the cloack and the fur, and a long tongue with magic sculp.
he's in the middle of the battle :)
...ouh...I add the chain to give him more moviment.

comments are always welcome, questions too!

26.05.2011, 13:20
Very nice, and the little conversions looks good at the mini and bring more life in this orc.
Especially i like the green skintone! :)
But two little things...
the tongue...green...the skinn....green....an other colour had fit good,
and the skin of the head in his head...it looks like a vampire, dead a long time,
and not fallen in the battle at the moment.
But,...this are really 2 liiiiiittle things, and perhaps only for me a liitle bit strange. ;)

At the end.-...sorry for my bad english! :(

26.05.2011, 14:47
öhm sorry
I like :D
The green tongue is so nice mauhaaaa :D <-- geändert um bestienmeister zu ärgern :D

26.05.2011, 14:50

The green Thong is so nice

Bah!!! I don't want to see this guys thong. I doubt its green...^^

Rusto, this is another very characterful work. Your style is very special, it is not about blending every single part to perfectness, instead you try to understand the surface and paint it apropriately. Very, very good!!!!! Was this your french entry?

Cu, :D

26.05.2011, 14:54

Bah!!! I don't want to see this guys thong. I doubt its green...^^

Rusto, this is an amazing piece. Great focus to the face, lovely atmosphere and wonderfully textured parts. Just outstanding!


26.05.2011, 15:08
Very cool! :) I have to admit, I really hate this model but nevertheless you did a great paintjob. :cool:
The face looks really fearsome and convincing and the fur on his back looks very realistic. Only thing I am in doubt about is the metallics. In many areay it really looks "dirty and rusty" but on the other hand some areas are very shiny and polished. The contrast between shiny and very dirty is a bit high to my taste. But oh well, it's quite nitpicking. ;)
Overall great miniature! :-o

27.05.2011, 10:30
hallo zusammen!!!

thanks for all the comments...I try to respond:


@shejtan, interesting "2 little things" ;
this figure is full of little details, so need many many different colors if you want to ahow all the details in an easy way...but...I don't like to use more than 3-4 dominant. so, I used green with different variations, I tried to create an athmospere with the colors...I hope it works
about green skin and tongue, it's only a variation like in my rose face, with my red/rose tongue:grin::grin:
the second things, it's abotu the dead imperail head on his hand...your suggestion is good, when I paint it this was the wors dubt for me. I choose a cold contrast:roll:
thanks a lot for your interest about it...I love to explain my choice...

thanks to bridgeguard, leichtmatrose and bestienmeister, yes it was my french entry in that gd!

@crackpot, thanks a lot! the chainmail is clean...yes, much more than all the rest, probably because I used a different way to paint it.

it wasn't easy to paint, but a real fun...

thanks to all of you...c u soooooooon, fabrizio!

01.06.2011, 23:13
Perfect. As gw said in their fluff, orcs have algae in their blood, so a green tongue is logical! One of the best orcs ever!