Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : 7 Sculpts & 4 Paintjobs

Ian Newbold
31.07.2011, 13:16
We've just popped 7 sculpts and 4 paintjobs recrently created for us into one of our viewing galleries. If you'd like to see them you'll find them at :-



31.07.2011, 18:47
Thanks for showing and keep on doing your great work!
Biggest respect and greetings,

02.08.2011, 14:12
There are only 3 Sculpts and one paintjob (???). I like the Vampire most, by the way :-) I hate your Homepage Mr.Newbold, because it is confusing for me. So please tell me where exactly do I find all new sculpts and paintjobs, lol. Link?

I hope all is fine with you :-) I`m still painting ;-) Lol.

Ian Newbold
14.08.2011, 17:10
Hi Vhaidra. I am very glad to see that you are in very good spirits! And I am glad that you still have such a good sense of humour. I am very sorry that our homepage confuses you and I am even more sorry that you failed to find less than half the treasure hidden there in almost plain view! :)

I am very well thank you. And I am glad that you are still painting. The world needs more of your super paintjobs to cheer everyone up! :)

Best Wishes, Ian

15.08.2011, 12:14
@Ian Newbold: No problem Captain *insider, lol*. I`ll never stop to try (find the hidden treasures on your homepage) lol. I suppose it is because you wanna lead the alien agents on the wrong track, right? *insider too*.

I will send you some wips this week. I`m also glad to see you in this good mood, seems the alien invasion can`t bother you seriously ;-) Always a pleasure, Sir ;-) I will let you know when I will have found the hidden treasures, what do I get for? Lol.

Ian Newbold
17.08.2011, 01:06
Hi Again V.

If you find the missing the missing treasures you get the satisfaction of knowing that you defeated the Newbold Confusion and outwitted our defences against alien invaders! :D

I look forward to seeing your wip! :)

17.08.2011, 19:18
Lol :-) You made my day, Captain ;-)