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Ian Newbold
31.08.2011, 19:45
Ed Pugh of Reaper Miniatures has very kindly donated 25 figures of our choice absolutely free of charge for us to sell as part of the 2011 Newbold challenge to help raise funds for Children with Leukaemia.

If you'd like to see painted versions of the figures that we chose you'll find them at :-


If you like painting Reaper Minis then you might like to know that we are holding a tiny fun Event that gives you the chance to put photos of a couple of your own favourite Reaper Minis that you've painted into one of our Viewing Galleries. No need to paint something new (unless you want to), just go through your existing portfolio and pick out an old favourite or two! There'll be small cash prizes for the entries that we like best and we'll make matching donations to Children with Leukaemia on your behalf. The closing date is 30 September 2011 and you'll find the full details at : -