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11.09.2011, 23:23
Heya folks! finally got some shots of my silver winning pack of rat ogres, finally returning from germany (almost suspected they were abducted by a german postman or something ;) ) might add, getting decent pictures of one mini is hard enough!


More pictures at the CMON submissionlink --->vooooote and tell me what you think!

My wip describe most of the progress/blood sweat and tears, starting here (http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/showthread.php?37611-SkelettetS-wip&p=589247&viewfull=1#post589247)

thanks :)
Stefan, the lost swede :D

-Matt Cexwish-
11.09.2011, 23:43
Very Nice, I like your Style...:D... Like the Wall Detail, colours, Details, Mood, Title... Great Unit, Good Narrative Elements... More, ja...

12.09.2011, 15:53
They are great! I have had got the opportiunity to see them in live. And they are REALLY great!

Greetings, Taggi

13.09.2011, 16:48
thanks a lot folks :) very happy you like them!