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Ian Newbold
07.11.2011, 00:48
For those of you who enjoy a little gentle browsing we've just added a new Viewing Gallery featuring the super figure painting skills of Ray Farrugia. There's a nice mix of historical and fantasy subjects and you'll find them at :-



07.11.2011, 01:04
Very nice models - really like the concept of the Lotus Extacy - thanks for sharing, Mr. Newbold!

Ian Newbold
07.11.2011, 10:24
Nectar Ecstasy took my breath away when I saw it! :-)

07.11.2011, 10:50
Nectar Ecstasy, yes! My mind plays tricks on me :)

Really wonderful piece!

sgt absalon
07.11.2011, 19:43
Awesome Paintjob indeed!

And I fell in love with the nectar ecstasy!!! Simply jawdroppin´!!!

Thank´s for sharing!

The Sgt

07.11.2011, 21:42
You really have some cool pieces over there!