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Malefika - Aradia limited edition

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    Malefika - Aradia limited edition

    Hi All!

    Some news from Aradia world:

    Don’t miss this limited edition! Malefika, 500 numbered and signed copies: 250 units available now, the other 250 will be produced in a future year.

    Sculptor: George GEORGY
    Box art: Alex Varela IGUAZZU
    Dimension: 70mm
    High quality resin kit

    Enjoy it!

    AW: Malefika - Aradia limited edition

    Exactlly my style, i hope i can get my hands on her.
    In I love the boxart.

    Willst du glücklich sein für eine Nacht, dann betrink dich.
    Willst du glücklich sein für drei Tage, heirate.
    Willst du glücklich sein für ein Leben, schaff dir Farben und Pinsel an.
    (Angepasstes japanisches Sprichwort)


      AW: Malefika - Aradia limited edition

      Miniature arrived this week.

      The quality of the cast is awesome, the feathers around her neck are soooo thin and delicate .... Just wow. The best thing is: the one part i did not like on the boxart (the edge on the front of the legs) is just painted on. While it is a nice painted latex effect (the light is not 100% right thats why i was afraid it might be sculpted) it would be annoying to have the edge there.

      So all thumbs up for the quality of the sculpt and the cast
      Zeit ist wie eine Droge, zuviel bringt einen um.