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Paganus - the shepherd, Aradia Miniatures preorder

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    Paganus - the shepherd, Aradia Miniatures preorder

    We’re very glad to introduce our first release of 2017!

    Paganus - the shepherd
    Concept: Stefano Moroni
    Sculptor: Benoit Cauchies
    Size: 75mm
    This big guy has just saved his baby lamb from the jaws of a ferocious wolf… Sometimes the roles of predator and prey can be reversed ...

    Pre-order it now and enjoy all these advantages:
    - get 5 € discount (the retail price will be 55€, preordering the miniature the cost is 50€)
    - you get the baby satyr as GIFT
    - you get the female satyr as GIFT

    (the female satyr and the baby satyr will cost 6€ each one as additional parts, preordering the miniature you'll get them FREE!)
    PRE ORDER available until February 5th

    Shipping will start at the mid of February.

    AW: Paganus - the shepherd, Aradia Miniatures preorder

    The master Mirko Cavalloni has finished to paint Paganus: the shepherd.

    We wouldn't have thought to produce a sheep-man but...that's it, we have done it! In this project we have tried to conciliate muscles and tenderness; fortunately the lamb is safe and the wolf can't harm him no more...

    More pictures here:

    and here: