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Tartar Miniatures (Italia)-2020

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    Tartar Miniatures (Italia)-2020

    The first new product from Tartar Miniatures(Italy) 2020

    On sale from the end of January!

    "Gift" - the work is based on the drawing of Nicolas Toussaint Charlet

    1:32, resin

    sculpt. by S. Tomilin Svt Neskazhu

    Painted by Roberto Del Cima

    Order For any information contact by mail:

    Tartar Miniatures (Italy)

    The figure will be presented at the Montreux Miniature`s Show

    7-8 mars 2020
    Landsknecht 15th century
    TR75-138 ,75mm, resin.
    The sculpture. Sergey Savenkov
    For those who want to buy a figure earlier write to the email:



      March new from Tartar Miniatures (Italy)

      On 7 and 8 March 2020, Tartar Miniatures will be present for the first time in the 13th edition of the Montreux Miniature's Show

      All busts will be numbered and signed by the sculptor.

      The first 90 busts will be equipped with an exact replica of a Soviet star, 22mm in size

      TRB250-139, Red Army man-????????????

      1: 9, resin

      sculptor Sergey Savenkov

      Painting soon by Konstantin Pinaev!

      For any questions or information please do not hesitate to contact us on FB or by email: