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    Hello everybody!!!
    Matt Cexwish and Ben Komets purposed me to make a sub.scription to your website, to post my miniatures, answer questions!!
    My german is absolutly inexistant ( except tomaten salad, Berlin, Tokyo Hotel, Modern Talking; Nina Haagen... hum, heu.... curri wurst, bretzel, hum.... and thats all
    I'll use this topic to send you several of my latest work, when i have time to do it
    So, see you... further

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    Special thanks 2 u !
    Bitte achtet auf eure Rechtschreibung.Dadurch wirkt ihr 1. seriöser und 2. versteht man euch auch auf das erste Mal !

    Förderverein Künstler und Figur, Kulturhistorische Zinnfiguren Ingolstadt e.V.

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    welcome on board
    yes- the "tomatensalad" is famous since your workshop in berlin 07!

    cheers, drake

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    schwarzer räuber

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    hey my favorite painter will post in my favorite board, yehaaaaaaa Hope to see your works soon

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    Thanks for theses sympatics words

    here is the first article in German on my website!!

    thanks to Daniel Huber having translated it

    If any of you want to translate several articls i wrote in french for your german community,; there is no probelms
    textes are from french, english, espanol or italian.
    Just contact me at
    (with just an @, cause of email spy on the web

    I hope you'll enjoy this first one

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    hehe here my last bust, made by Maxime Penaud for Kraken Editions!!!! A pleasure to paint!
    I hope you'll enjoy

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    How should i put it... the bust is...hmm... i think awesome is the right word

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    Heee here are the finished mini I presented for GD France

    the red cloak
    Black / Scab red / bleached Bone / White

    the iivory
    White skull / bleached Bone /black
    Glacis avec du Enchanted Blue plus noir mélangé a différents stades du dégradé

    the blue
    Noir / Enchanted Blue / Bleached Bone + white + space Wolrf grey / Whte

    Les freehands
    Uniforme Anglais / noir / bubonic Brown / White

    skin tones
    Uniforme Anglais / noir / Elf Flesh / Blanc
    Ton scaab Red, glacis bleus Enchanted Blue + noir

    As you see, the harmonie is cause of :

    1) not a lot of colors, using the same tones inside all the colors.
    2) Contrast between the heart of the color with hot tones ( scab red etc.) , with first light and shadow plus blue, and final light and shadow always with black and white cause I don’t want a bright mini, but dark harmony.
    3) I reapeated the blue tones + black in all the parts of the mini.

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    Zitat Zitat von jeremiebt";p="42691
    My german is absolutly inexistant ( except tomaten salad, Berlin, Tokyo Hotel, Modern Talking; Nina Haagen... hum, heu.... curri wurst, bretzel, hum.... and thats all
    And I thought the only three words German you knew are "Verdünnen, verdünnen, verdünnen"

    I think it is fair to say that many painters are impressed with the new line of minis that you and your partners have produced. I am looking forward to buying some of my favorites at Spiel in Essen.

    Your Merchant is just stunning. But I am sure you were already aware of that



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    I know Wim Wenders to
    Thanks Zaphod for your words
    Its a pleasure to paint with my "home partner" allan
    I never went to spiel, i am sure its incredible!

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